Zombie Knocker

Not MY Brains.  Not Today.

Sometimes the situation calls for you to take the gloves off and "go hot."  Zombies would be one of those situations.

The idea behind the Zombie Knocker was to take a common material (rebar) and elevate it to make it more ergonomic, effective and aesthetic.  They are great to keep in the car trunk or by the back door... just in case.

The Zombie Knocker is made of 2' x 1/2" rebar, double layered with a pretty durable black spray coating.  The handle is wrapped with paracord to provide an indexing ridge and sealed with industrial heat shrink.  A wrist lanyard is integral to the wrap.  As a non-golfer, it feels similar to a golf club grip (though serious golfers would probably disagree).

Also available in 1' x 1/2" size as the Zombie Swatter with the same construction.  Perfect for stashing under the seat of your truck or in a bag... just in case.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size and weight of the Zombie Knockers and Swatters the shipping cost is $12 for these items (up to 4 per shipment) and they ship UPS, which means no PO Boxes and CONUS only.


Designed and Manufactured in USA at the CPG worQshop

Brand and Country of Origin Markings:

  • Sterile - no brand markings
  • No additional markings or country of origin on product

Category: CPG, tool, weapon

Type: Hardgoods

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