Ti Skull Shivs from Covert Products Group

Made in USA Titanium Skull Shivs

The idea behind these came from wanting something ultra lightweight, ultra slim and non-magnetic to pop in a pocket, slip through PALS webbing or a backpack strap, or even use as a bookmark kept close at hand.  Oh, and it needed to look cool, too.

These are super pointy little pokers:

  • 0.06" thick Titanium
  • Carbidized tip on back side
  • 3D printed and epoxied black or white skull face/grip on one side
  • Black tube sheath (ala @flc_knives) with Kevlar static line

Keep in mind that titanium is NON-MAGNETIC, but it IS METALLIC.  Some metal detectors can pick up titanium, so this is not a 100% non-permissive environment (NPE) tool.  Titanium is also somewhat conductive, so don't stick it in a light socket.

If they show in stock they are ready to ship.  Orders go out within 24 hours.

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