"Fear is the Mind Killer" Challenge Coin

"Fear is the Mind Killer.  I will permit it to pass over me and through me.  Only I will remain."

Frank Herbert published that phrase in 1965, and it's been a mantra for millions ever since (particularly those with an affinity for the blade).  Our interpretation of his timeless quote appears on this limited edition challenge coin, wrought with symbolism.

On the face is a depiction of the self-aware person, the speaker of those words.  The all-seeing eye sees truth, inside and out.  He is surrounded by existential threats, each a source of a different fear.  The elemental wrath of ancient gods, the fire of nature, the chaos of the unknown, the arrows of dedicated, trained and persistent enemies.  Alone, he remains in the center of these threats, real and perceived and imagined, all.

On the reverse is the quote and a depiction of a blade, a symbol of the real object that cuts and cleaves, pierces and changes history.  It is modeled after a blade of our own design that shares its name with another Herbert inspiration - the FREMEN.  They all fit together nicely.

Currently available with a copper finish.  First run was brass finish, second is copper.  With a reeded (coin) edge, these challenge coins are a bit larger than typical at 1.75" in diameter (most challenge coins are 1.5").  Designed in collaboration with the amazing graphic artist @soshillustrations

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