Ti Cthulhu Piercer from Covert Products Group

Made in USA Titanium Cthulhu Piercers

Inspired by the Great Old One from Lovecraftian horror stories, the Cthulhu skull piercer is incredibly lightweight, super pointy, slim and made of non-magnetic Titanium.  

It is available in two styles - point forward and point backward (check the images carefully so you order your preferred style).  Both styles are functionally similar, so choose based on aesthetics if you're on the fence, or get one of each.


  • Approx. 6.25" overall length
  • 0.06" thick Titanium
  • 3D printed and epoxied black Cthulhu skull face/grip on one side
  • Black tube sheath (ala @flc_knives) with Kevlar static line.

A minimal length at the tip is ground to a point, so these are pointy but there is no edge sharpness.

Keep in mind that titanium is NON-MAGNETIC, but it IS METALLIC.  Some metal detectors can pick up titanium, so this is not a 100% non-permissive environment (NPE) tool.  Titanium is also somewhat conductive, so don't stick it in a light socket.

If they show in stock they are ready to ship.  Orders go out within 24 hours.

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