Liberty Spikes - Titanium Broadhead Piercer

Extremely limited run.

Inspired by the shape of WW2-era pitchfork tine piercers (but with a broadhead tip to make a larger wound channel), the Liberty Spikes aka Ti Broadhead Tine Piercer is flat, slim, lightweight, and pointy as hell, even with the wider tip.

While the original OSS Tine piercers were about a foot long, the CPG Liberty Spike is 6.25" long with approximately 3" of that dedicated to the unwrapped end that makes holes.  The handle is wrapped with hemp cord and epoxy over a layer of foam, and the end cap is also wrapped in epoxied hemp cord.

The tip is pointy, with a broad tip to make a bigger hole, but consider it a piercer, not a cutter.  Various grips can be used depending on the size of your hands and how much of the tip you want to expose.

To carry, run your belt through the Kevlar static line on the Kydex sheath, or mount it on/behind a backpack strap or other mounting surface.  It's also great for pocket carry with the pommel resting on the edge of your pocket.

The Liberty Spike fits somewhat loosely in the Kydex sheath - tight enough to hold it, but not so tight as to impede your drawstroke.


  • Titanium (Grade 5) with carbidized tip on one side
  • Hemp cord wrap with epoxy over EVA foam
  • Sheath is Kydex with Kevlar 200# static line

Origin: 100% USA

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