Lip Balm Impact Cap

Here's a fun one...

This product started as an idea in 2015 as a simple modification to a common EDC item that can go anywhere.  3D printing technology and materials have improved since then, and now the Impact Cap is a reality.

It functions as an impact force multiplier.  The Impact Cap fits over the cap of a standard lip balm (most brands), and the dum-dum shaped solid prongs focus and magnify strikes.  You can probably hit harder than you would expect with this.  If you happen to be a Dim Mak master with dry and cracked lips, this may check multiple boxes in your life.

Is it a sledgehammer?  No.  Is it a lead sap?  No.  (But you can't take those on a plane or through metal detectors or pass a pat-down with them.)

Here's the rundown:

  • Impact Cap fits over the cap of most standard lip balms
  • A dot of "fun tack" mounting putty keeps the Impact Cap connected to the lip balm cap so it can be removed as needed
  • The Impact Cap does not affect the function or hygiene of the lip balm in any way
  • Comes with a new, sealed tube of classic ChapStick ® or slip it onto your favorite tube
  • Impact Cap is made of black PA12 3D printed plastic, stronger than your average 3D printed plastic
  • 3D printed in USA

Category: concealed carry, CPG, EDC, Mods, weapon

Type: Hardgoods

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