CPG Modified Fruit Knife

Stubby Victorinox Fruit Knife w/Basic Universal Sheath (sold individually). 

Mods: handle shortened and rounded for concealability, lanyard hole added, lanyard with heat shrink section added to provide a flexible extra length of grip.  Lanyard can be cut off for a smaller footprint or replaced with a finger loop lanyard.  The stubby mod makes it feel more like a kiridashi.  Only the length of the handle is changed, so if you have a kydex sheath for the standard fruit knife it should fit the stubby mod, too.

Basic Universal Sheath included: thick scuba webbing + non-stretch rubber wrap.  Includes horizontal and vertical slits and double-side hook/loop strap for belt mounting and rubber protected static line cord for multiple carry options.  Also fits the standard size fruit knife and other similarly sized blades.

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