Covert G10 Credit Card

Invisible Defense Tool While Withdrawing Cash

Let's face it, you're pretty vulnerable anytime you're accessing an ATM.  Even with good situational awareness, you're still forced to hunch over and interact with a screen while your back faces everything else.  Holding a firearm or knife while doing it?... not always feasible.

The Covert G10 Credit Card is the approximate size and shape of an average credit card (~3.3" x 2.125" x 0.06"), and it is available in tactical unremarkable white.  In other words, it doesn't look out of place in a wallet or in your hand anywhere money is transacted.  There are metal tactical credit cards available, but they don't look like actual cards in your wallet or hand, and they aren't travel friendly.

I have traveled around the world with one of these for YEARS.  Definitely in countries and places where anything even remotely weapon-like is forbidden.  The G10 Credit Card has never been noticed, let alone scrutinized.

Three corners are rounded just like any credit card, but the fourth (bottom) corner comes to a sharp point with a section of the edges ground sharp.  It looks like a blank white plastic card (apart from the pointy corner).  Kept in a wallet with other cards, the Covert G10 Credit Card needs to be pulled out completely to tell it is anything other than just another card.

While pulling money from an ATM or waiting in line in certain places, I keep one in my free hand.  If you have an access badge to swipe through doors, you can also keep this with it for easy reach.  It can be held overtly without issue, and can serve as a good first strike implement to gain momentum while accessing a more powerful tool or moving into a better position.  

While G10 can be sharpened to a point, its edge will never be razor sharp.  These dull very easily, and can be re-shaped very easily.  These are not quite disposable, but the edge is not durable either.  If you need to use it, the edge can be touched up easily on the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug, an emory board/nail file, a slab of cement, the edge of a car window or scrap of sandpaper.

Perfect for travel and no problem getting past metal detectors, but they (and any solid object) will appear on x-ray and body scanners.  If ever asked, it's just a scraper.  And it is.

Buy 1 for $6 or 3 for $15. 


  • Sterile - no brand or other markings

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