Covert EDC Key Lanyard

Carry a Real Carabiner Keychain.

Everyone carries keys, and the Covert EDC Key Lanyard provides extra functionality to something that's already in your pocket without any outward tactical appearance.

It consists of a 19.5" long, super-strong double box-stitched lanyard and a real, climbing-rated carabiner.  The lanyard materials have a breaking strength of 2000 pounds, melting points above 350° Fahrenheit, and a max working load of 650 pounds.  Oh, and the loop means you have 2x the material running in parallel.  

The carabiner is only 3" long and is rated to 22 kN (4950 lbf).  Rock climbers trust their lives to these exact carabiners.

Disclaimer 1: Because these are stitched, we recommend not applying more than 200 pounds of weight to the lanyard (10% of the material breaking strength) out of an abundance of caution.  We have personally put much more weight on them without issue.  Even 550 Paracord only has a <200 lb. static and dry working load.

Dozens of Uses: 

  • Loop it through your belt or in your hand and stay connected to your backpack on the subway, train or streets
  • Use it as a tethered throwing weapon or flail for self defense
  • Maintain ready access to your keys from deep in a pocket
  • Use as an impromptu come-along
  • Use the carabiner as a metal knuck (for more about using a carabiner for defense, see this article)
  • Climb or slide to freedom in the direst of circumstances
  • Use as an emergency dog leash
  • Anchor point while working on a ladder
  • and many of the same purposes that paracord is used for, but without the appearance of paracord

Options - two styles and several colors:

  • Thick weave: black, gray or maroon with a black carabiner
    • Utility Polyester 5/8" width x 19.5" lanyard length
    • Material breaking strength from 2000 pounds (maximum recommended material working load 650 pounds)
    • Melting point of 500 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Superior abrasion resistance and more stiffness than the fine weave
  • Fine weave: khaki/gold with a black carabiner 
    • Tubular Nylon webbing 1/2" width x 19.5" lanyard length
    • Material breaking strength of 2000 pounds
    • Melting point of 380 degrees Fahrenheit

If you carry a lot of keys, I would recommend the thick weave since it is much more abrasion resistant.

Each option comes with a black Metolius FS Mini 2 carabiner, one of the absolutely smallest climbing-rated carabiners in the world. 

Disclaimer 2: Using this carabiner for anything other than climbing instantly voids its warranty, so while it may be able to help you out in an emergency, it is not a lifesaving device and all of the manufacturer's stats related to this product are void.  Use at your own risk.


Designed, Sewn and Assembled in USA | Carabiner Made in Taiwan

Brand and Country of Origin Markings:

  • Lanyard is sterile (no brand markings)
  • Carabiner shows OEM brand markings and safety specs without country of origin

Category: CPG, EDC, softgoods

Type: Softgoods

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