B.A.T SCARAB Mini Multi-tool

A tool doesn’t need to be BIG to be POWERFUL.

This is the concept behind the new B.A.T. SCARAB, a coin-sized multi-function multi-tool you can bring anywhere (even planes!).

The Bring Anywhere Tool SCARAB (or B.A.T. SCARAB for short), can be carried anywhere since it’s just a little bigger than a half-dollar, has no moving parts, and is infinitely useful.  It’s an amazing minimalist multi-tool that lives in your pocket, and is priced for you to keep a few around at all times so you can do more with less.

The SCARAB is SHARP, SAFE and STREAMLINED.  Use it on your everyday adventures, while you travel, or even to get yourself out of a jam.

The SCARAB has several main multi-purpose tools built in:

  • A RAZOR SHARP captured cutting edge with an o-ring finger protector (1)
  • A large flat head screwdriver that also functions as a scraper/pryer/tape cutter (2, 3, 4)
  • And the SCARAB comes with a large SOLAS reflective sticker that you can choose to attach for emergency signaling, or leave off for stealth.  The smooth back surface is also suitable for personalization and engraving. (5)
  • The keyring attachment point and grooved texture provide a solid grip and better leverage.

You can use it as a ferro rod scraper, scribe, golf marker or for dozens of other uses that are up to your imagination. 

This product was originally launched on Kickstarter and is now available for immediate delivery through CPG.

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