Mayhem Maker Kit by Covert Products Group

This is NOT a survival, escape, medical or tool kit (there are lots of great ones already on the market).  This is something different - a MAYHEM MAKER KIT - containing the MATERIALS you need to make, carry and conceal a variety of tools and weapons, wherever you may roam.

The contents of the kit are innocuous enough to easily pass into non-permissive environments, and versatile enough to give you a leg up when creating or modifying tools at your destination.

There are over 20 multi-purpose items in the kit, just add your imagination.  Pairs well with our B.A.T. Coin (can be brought anywhere) and/or our B.A.T. Trident (can be brought anywhere blades are allowed).

A short list of ideas for using the kit is at the bottom of this page.

Included in the Mayhem Maker Kit:


  • 2.75" x 0.25" black G10 rod - these are "artisanally" hand-cut, some variation may occur
  • 2x washers 1.25" OD w/ 0.25" hole
  • Rubber tube 3"
  • Mini clip-on glow stick


  • 2" x 3" piece of 80 grit sandpaper
  • 2" x 3" piece of 220 grit sandpaper
  • 2x mini emory boards


  • Mini tube of superglue
  • 2" safety pin
  • 3" length heat shrink (0.5" diameter with 3:1 shrink ratio)
  • Ranger band (innertube) small
  • Ranger band (innertube) large - these are hand-cut, some variation may occur
  • 1 black rubber band, #16 size
  • Velcro One-Wrap thin tie
  • Tiny rare earth magnet


  • 6' 200# Kevlar cord
  • 9' black hemp cord
  • 2x 20" dental floss (individually wrapped, mint)


  • Hinged metal container, matte black, approx. 3.5" x 2.5" x 0.9" – the finish is NOT durable, so enjoy the “patina of time” as you use it


  • Crystal BIC pen (does not fit in container)


  • Use abrasives/concrete/carpet to sharpen pen, optionally wrap with hemp and/or heat shrink for grip
  • Use abrasives/concrete to sharpen G10 rod, make butt-cap with hemp, make sheath out of rubber tube with Kevlar static line
  • Use dental floss as a breakaway lashing to hold tools in place
  • Use Kevlar as a friction saw to cut G10 rod, zipties, etc.
  • Use safety pin to attach rubber tube sheath to clothing
  • Use rare earth magnet on exterior of box to temporarily attach it to a metal surface
  • Use metallic interior of box to reflect/direct more light from the glow stick
  • Use Ranger Bands to secure a tool to your belt
  • Use emory boards to touch up the edge on a blade
  • Glue sandpaper sheets to the handle of an improvised weapon/tool to add grip
  • Use washers for more grip on Kevlar friction saw
  • We could keep going with these all day.... tag us @covertproductsgroup and #mayhemkit with your ideas

Note: This kit was inspired by training with @EdsManifesto, but this is NOT implying in any way that he endorses this kit!

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