FREMEN G10 Knife - Non-Magnetic Blade for CCW

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The FREMEN starts out as a piece of 3/8" G10 (fiberglass + resin composite).  Non-metallic, non-magnetic.  It is shaped by machine and by hand into a fairly large unibody blade and handle.

It is approximately 8" overall with a 4.25" handle and 3.75" blade.  It is sculpted for a good grip, and is ergonomic in both forward and reverse grip.  The blade is chisel ground to keep a lot of "meat" in the body of the blade for stiffness.  Part of the back of the blade is ground at the tip for easier penetration.  It is intended to be both beautiful and dangerous.

This is not a utility blade and should not be used for box cutting or chores.  A $0.30 razor blade is more suited to those tasks, but the FREMEN will put significant holes in things that need holes put in them like nobody's business.

The FREMEN is available in two tip styles: Persian (shown in most photos) and Tanto (shown in the comparison photo).  Either style may be selected, and an epoxied black hemp-wrap option (see pic) is available as well.  Please note that this wrap is permanent once applied, so if you're not sure if you want it, don't order it.  It can always be wrapped later.  

The tip of both styles is POINTY, so it must be carried in a sheath.  The FREMEN is available both with and without a sheath (if you would like to make your own).

Both styles (Persian and Tanto) are available with these options:
  • Slick - just the knife, no handle wrapping or sheath (base price)
  • Wrapped - knife with permanent marine epoxy coated partial twist black hemp wrap (add $20)
  • Sheath - knife with kydex/pouch sheath, no metal rivets (add $20)

While G10 can be sharpened to a highly effective point, its edge will never be razor sharp.  If you need to use it, the edge can be touched up easily on the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug, an emory board/nail file, a slab of cement, the edge of a car window or scrap of sandpaper.  Reprofiling a blunted or broken tip is just as easy, or just send it back to us for a touch-up.


Designed and Manufactured in USA at the CPG worQshop from USA-made G10.  As a handmade product, certain variances will occur.

Brand and Country of Origin Markings:

  • Sterile - no brand markings
  • No additional markings or country of origin on product

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