Covert Collar Stays v2.0

Look Good, Be Dangerous

Most men's dress shirts have pockets sewn under the collar to hold a pair of small collar stays.  These pieces of plastic, bone or metal are intended to keep the collar points stiff and crisp.

We thought this real estate was too valuable to waste on a pair of flimsy, floppy collar stays so we crafted our own version out of white G10 (fiberglass + resin).  Non-metallic, pointy, stiff and totally concealable.

These Covert Collar Stays are 2.5" x 3/8" x 0.06" thick.  They are ground to a nasty point, with jimping on the sides for added grip and a hole if you would like to add a string as a finger loop.  We refined the design of these for v2.0, but they maintain the same overall specs as the original version.

Taking a cue from the OSS-era lapel daggers, the Covert Collar Stays can be used with a quick flick as a cutting or puncture tool.  While G10 can be sharpened to a point, its edge will never be razor sharp.  If you need to use it, the edge can be touched up easily on the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug, an emory board/nail file, a slab of cement, the edge of a car window or scrap of sandpaper.

Not meant to be deployed from the collar, just transported covertly until repositioned.  We keep some handy and rotate them into shirts as we wear them.  Perfect for travel and no problem getting past metal detectors, but they (and any solid object) will appear on x-ray and body scanners.

This product is sterile with no brand markings.  Comes as a pair.

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