Ti Broadhead Piercer

The Titanium Broadhead Piercer is a variation on the Ti Piercer, but creates a much larger wound channel.

Slim, lightweight, and pointy as hell, the Ti Broadhead is designed for concealability and a quick draw.  It also helps you communicate by making sizable holes that were not there before.

The "candy cane" curve rests against the heel of your palm for a point-forward braced grip, or hold it further out for more reach with less lateral control.  It also works in reverse grip, but the loop is NOT intended for punching with like a knuck.

The broadhead variant comes with a black KYDEX sheath and a Kevlar static line.  You can carry it static-loop style, but we've found that the edges of the sheath catch easily on the interior of a pocket (pocket hook style).  The hook shape of the handle hangs on your pants or pocket edge and disappears.  Super fast to index and draw.

The Ti Piercer fits somewhat loosely in the sheath for a quicker draw.  More than sufficient for its purpose.  

The tips on these are stout - pointy and somewhat edge sharp - so they are more robust if they impact a harder material.  Titanium is not as hard as steel so it won't be as sharp as steel, but these can easily open boxes and pierce materials.  The carbidized reverse side adds to durability and gives some extra points for style.


  • Titanium (Grade 5) with carbidized tip on one side
  • Hemp cord wrap with epoxy over EVA foam wrap
  • Sheath is black Kydex and Kevlar 300# static line

Origin: 100% USA, look at the Kydex dust under these fingernails

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