Speed Sheath Pocket Hooks V2


Turn (almost) any sheath knife into a pocket knife by adding a Speed Sheath Pocket Hook V2.  Attach it to your knife sheath and drop it into your pants pocket.  When you draw the knife, the hooks keep the sheath in your pocket.  It's that simple.

The hooks are NOT sharp, and are available in Type III Hard anodized black Aluminum.

The Hooks have one slot 1.5" long to maximize compatibility with a wide variety of sheath rivet hole spacings.

Two hooks of different shapes plus mounting hardware are included: 

  • A bottom hook - shaped like a J
  • A top hook - shaped (sort of) like a Y
  • 4 high quality black Melonite-coated screws and 4 Chicago screws, 4 o-rings

Depending on the shape and style of your sheath, and your pocket shape and material, you may want to use one or both of these at one time.  Since there are millions of different sheath and blade shapes, you may need to try different setups to achieve a consistent pocket draw that does not put the sharp edge of your blade in contact with the mouth of your pocket.

The hooks work on a wide variety of sheaths, but if your sheath does not have compatible spaced holes (or if the holes in your sheath are smaller than the Chicago screws), using one screw and one zip tie can work.

Knives and sheaths are NOT included.  We are not responsible for any damage to your clothing from the use of this product.  


Aluminum Version: Made of black anodized aluminum, type 3 hardcoat.  


All components Designed and Manufactured in USA

Brand and Country of Origin Markings:

  • Sterile - no brand markings
  • No additional markings or country of origin on product

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