Résistance Pitchfork Dagger

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In the darker days of WWII, the fighting spirit of some civilians under occupation exceeded their material means to wage war.  In other words: plenty of will, not enough weapons.  But they found a way.

Inspiration and implements were both provided by the OSS, SOE and other Allied organizations.  This is where the Liberator pistol was born, along with the now-familiar arsenal of covert weapons (like lapel and sleeve daggers).  One particular tool is less commonly known, but no less effective at putting holes in people who deserve it: the Pitchfork Tine Dagger.

It was relatively easy to make from a commonly available tool, and represents the creativity of turning something innocuous into a weapon.  

We updated this design for the 21st century while staying true to the originals:

  • The CPG Résistance Pitchfork Dagger is made from the tine of an actual, modern-production pitchfork.  The metal is not refined, but it's tough.
  • Tip is reshaped to optimize for thrusting when held in a "pistol grip" fashion.  This is all thrust, there is no cutting edge.
  • Handle is formed with an underlayer of friction wrap with a comfortable and good-looking suede wrap with an integral lanyard/wrist loop.
  • An index ridge is woven into the wrap pattern for easy indexing of the point.
  • A hand-fit Kydex sheath is molded to fit the unique curvature of the tool.  The ridge protrusion helps keep the sheath in place when worn behind a belt for a static line draw.  The dagger can rotate slightly in the sheath to move with your body, which is an interesting feature of a round "bladed" dagger.

This is a weapon.  There is no utility use for this dagger (not even pitching hay).  What started as a historical experiment turned into a very cool piece that is surprisingly comfortable to carry even if it's not entirely practical.


Designed and Manufactured in USA at the CPG worQshop

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