Desert Power G10 Knife - Extremely Limited Run

The Desert Power G10 Knife starts out as a piece of 1/4" thick Ivory-colored G10 (fiberglass + resin composite).  Non-metallic, non-magnetic.  It is shaped by machine and by hand into a large blade and handle.  Only two of these have been made for sale, and we're probably not going to make them again.

It is approximately 11" overall with a 4.5" handle and 6.5" blade.  It is sculpted for a good grip, and is ergonomic in both forward and reverse grip.  The tang is made of three layers:
  • Thin foam sheets glued to the tang for a springy grip, covered by...
  • Waxed hemp cord wrap for grip shaping, covered by...
  • Desert Tan suede-leather flat cord for comfort, style and function
The blade is chisel ground to keep a lot of "meat" in the body of the blade for stiffness.  Part of the back of the blade is ground at the tip for easier penetration.  It is intended to be both beautiful and dangerous.
This is not a utility blade and should not be used for box cutting or chores.  A $0.30 razor blade is more suited to those tasks, but the DESERT POWER will put significant holes in things that need holes put in them like nobody's business... and look great doing it.
The DESERT POWER comes with a black Kydex sheath without any metal hardware.  A double-sided velcro strap allows you to adjust the tension of the sheath on the blade, and allows you to slide a belt through it for horizontal carry.  The matching suede-leather strap provides another point to lash the sheath to your belt for horizontal carry, or as a static line.

    While G10 can be sharpened to a highly effective point, its edge will never be razor sharp.  If you need to use it, the edge can be touched up easily on the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug, an emory board/nail file, a slab of cement, the edge of a car window or scrap of sandpaper.  Reprofiling a blunted or broken tip is just as easy, or just send it back to us for a touch-up.


    Designed and Manufactured in USA at the CPG worQshop from USA-made G10.  As a handmade product, certain variances will occur.

    Brand and Country of Origin Markings:

    • Sterile - no brand markings
    • No additional markings or country of origin on product

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