B.A.T. Coin: Bring Anywhere Tool

A tool is only useful if you have it when you need it.

This is the award-winning idea behind the smallest 10-function multi-tool on the market: the B.A.T. (Bring Anywhere Tool) from Covert Products Group.

The B.A.T. can be carried anywhere since it’s just a little bigger than a quarter, has no moving parts, and is actually usable. It’s the ultimate minimalist multi-tool that lives in your pocket.

The B.A.T. can cut, open, and ignite. Use it for your everyday adventures, to survive, or even to escape.  The original version of the B.A.T. has a hex-shaped keyring hole and the 1.1 version has a round hole, but they are otherwise identical.


The B.A.T. makes having “just enough” of a tool easy.  We wanted to create the smallest useful tool possible, give it a ton of features, and make it the size and shape of something that just about everyone carries all the time: a coin.  Any smaller and you either lose functions or functionality. 

It is made of stainless steel and can be safely carried in your pocket alone or with other change.  Since it has no exposed sharp edges, you can take it with you just about everywhere, and (unlike many pocketknives) you can use it in public without anyone giving it a second thought.



The B.A.T. was awarded an International Design Award in 2017.


We looked at every tiny tool we could find, and when we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, we decided to create one ourselves. There are lots of great mini tools on the market, but to get a variety of functions you usually need to carry a bunch of them on a keychain, and they aren’t as unobtrusive as the B.A.T.

The B.A.T. has 10 Tools Built-in: 

  • 1) Modified Phillips head screwdriver with three prongs so the BAT lays flat in your pocket 
  • 2) Safe, semi-sharp captured edge for opening boxes 
  • 3) Scribe point or hole punch 
  • 4) Small-gauge wire stripper 
  • 5) Fire-steel scraper (use it with any ferro rod survival fire starter, Swedish firesteel or similar item) 
  • 6) Flat head screwdriver 
  • 7) Serrated fire-steel scraper (throws sparks well)
  • 8) 3M SOLAS reflective sticker you can attach to the back for emergency signaling, or leave if off for stealth carry
  • 9) Friction saw that can cut through zip ties or cordage without cutting you 
  • 10) Bottle opener  


The B.A.T. is intended to be carried in your pocket, but it can go on a keychain or necklace, or even be laced into your shoes as a last-ditch survival tool.  It does not go against any current TSA restrictions for air travel.




Designed and Packaged in USA | Manufactured in China by a US-owned company

Brand and Country of Origin Markings:

  • CPG logo on front of B.A.T. coin
  • No additional markings or country of origin on product
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