NEW: B.A.T TRI-TOOL Multi-tool

Multi-faceted pocket-sized highly-hyphenated EDC multi-tool with non-terrestrial origins.

The B.A.T. TRI-TOOL is perfect for everyday carry (EDC) and designed specifically for you to OPEN - TURN - PIERCE - POP - SCRAPE... and look good doing it!


The Bring Anywhere Tool TRI-TOOL (or B.A.T. TRI-TOOL for short) is inspired by the ANCIENT ASTRONAUT theory.  Our design brief for this EDC tool was:

"Archaeologists expect to find just another tomb, but uncover a cache of relics buried for thousands of years.  One of them stands out as being a tool from another place... another time... another world." 

This is our vision of that tool.

The TRI-TOOL is made of hardened stainless steel and can be safely carried in your pocket.  It has one pointy-enough tip you can use for slicing, but NO SHARP EDGE so you can take it with you just about everywhere, and use it in public without anyone giving it a second thought.  It has no moving parts, so there is no "click" like a pocketknife before it can be used.


The TRI-TOOL has several multi-purpose tools built in:

  • Scribe Tip (1) - pointy, but not edge sharp.  It's about as fine as a screwdriver tip, making it safe for pocket carry but still able to open packages and pierce coffee cup lids easily.
  • Flathead Screwdriver/Pry Tip (2)
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver Tip (3)
  • Scraper (4) - remove labels or spark ferro rods for survival.  Not sharp like a blade.
  • Bottle Opener (5)
  • Reflector (6) - comes with a SOLAS reflective sticker that you can choose to attach for emergency signaling, or leave off for stealth.
  • Keyring hole - The keyring attachment point and pierced texture provide a solid grip and better leverage. 
  • Comes with a soft Tyvek (woven paper-plastic) slipcover

A 3D printed sheath is available as an option.  This product was originally launched on Kickstarter and is now available for delivery through CPG.

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