Stash Card - 3D Printed Concealment Card Stack

Hide Flat Items in Your Wallet

The Stash Card looks like a stack of 3 credit cards from the sides, but has a shallow cavity for you to conceal flat items like:

  • SD or memory cards
  • SIM cards
  • Folded cash
  • Razor or ceramic razor
  • Handcuff shim
  • Gold coins (depends on thickness)
  • Some keys (depends on thickness)
  • Some lockpicks (depends on thickness)
  • Some gold or silver coins (depends on thickness)

...and anything else that fits!  The cavity depth is just about .125" (aka 1/8" or 3mm approx.).

We include a piece of removable, fairly thick and gummy double-sided tape to keep contents from rattling around, but you can replace that with flatter double-side tape or fun-tack (the gummy stuff used to put posters on the wall).

Put the Stash Card stack in with some real credit cards and it's invisible from the edge with a cursory inspection.  It's not a deep cover concealment device, but it is a handy way to transport flat items in a wallet and keep them organized and discreet.

We run a fine-tipped pencil lead down the grooves of all 4 sides to create some extra visual distinction between the "layers."  The edges look a little grimy, the way a stack of cards that has been carried in your pocket look after awhile


  • Sterile - no brand or other markings


  • Made in USA - 3D printed by G3D Printables for CPG based on our design

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Type: Hardgoods

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