CPG Modified Blades

This is our catchall page for available modified blades.  These are items created by another manufacturer (like Victorinox or Cold Steel or Opinel) that we have modded in our CPG WorQshop to improve them over their stock versions. 

Sometimes it is cosmetic - better aesthetics.  Most often it is functional - better ergonomics, concealability, or tuning for a specific purpose.  Occasionally it's so we can try out a new technique, material or design without messing with something we've built from scratch.  Rarely it's because we're putting off doing something unpleasant, and would rather mess around with some mods instead (hey, it happens).

We post new additions to this mods page on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, so if you follow us there you'll see new items as soon as they are added.

We mod these in small batches, and once they are gone they may be gone forever, particularly if they're a pain in the ass to build.  For popular mods, we'll restock from time to time AND/OR keep a couple around for personal use, so if you have a request for a mod that is showing as sold out on this page, just shoot us an email (covertproductsgroup at gmail.com) and we'll accommodate if we can.

Be sure to check the letter on the pics with the letter in the dropdown to make sure you order the right item.

Here's a rundown of items:

  • A) Stubby Victorinox Fruit Knife w/Basic Universal Sheath (sold individually).  Mods: handle shortened and rounded for concealability, lanyard hole added, lanyard with heat shrink section added to provide a flexible extra length of grip.  Lanyard can be cut off for a smaller footprint or replaced with a finger loop lanyard.  The stubby mod makes it feel more like a kiridashi.  Only the length of the handle is changed, so if you have a kydex sheath for the standard fruit knife it should fit the stubby mod, too.

    Basic Universal Sheath included: thick scuba webbing + non-stretch rubber wrap.  Includes horizontal and vertical slits and double-side hook/loop strap for belt mounting and rubber protected static line cord for multiple carry options.  Also fits the standard size fruit knife and other similarly sized blades.
  • B) Cold Steel Roach Belly (each sold individually).  Mods: Blade darkened to a dark spotty gray (not solid gray or black) with Caswell finish, spiraled paracord added to handle with heat shrink added on top for a better grip.  Comes with Cold Steel molded sheath modded with the belt loop removed, inner tube with horizontal and vertical slits added, double-sided hook/loop strap for multiple carry options, paracord for IWB static line.
  • C) Cold Steel Wakizashi and Tanto Machete Daisho Set (sold together).  These are the two smaller sized CS Machetes (NOT the larger Katana) sold as a set only.  Mods: lightly modded with heat shrink added over tsuka (handles) for a better and more comfortable grip, minor touch-up on the blade edges.  Comes with the standard Cold Steel soft sheaths.  These were pretty good out of the box, not going to mod these again.
  • D) Cold Steel Assegai Spear Short Handle w/Sheath.  Mods: indexing flats added to two sides of the shaft for easier edge alignment, Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese flame finish aka fire-blackened finish) added to spear shaft for preservation and aesthetics, holes drilled for permanent attachment of head with included screws, simple suede cord wrap on spear collar as a reference/hand stop.  Includes Cold Steel standard molded sheath.
  • E) Morakniv Kansbol.  Sheath Mods only: coyote paracord wrapped around sheath and forming leg tie-downs in one continuous cord, black innertube sleeve over sheath, 1/4" x 3" round ferro rod included and dummy corded with elastic to the sheath, double-sided hook/loop strap for added carry options.  This was a great knife out of the box, and a great platform for a bushcraft/survival setup.
  • F) Cold Steel Smatchet Machete.  Mods: lightly modded with spiraled paracord added to handle with heat shrink added on top for a better grip, wrist lanyard added, minor touch-up on the blade edges.  Includes Cold Steel soft sheath.  This was pretty good out of the box, not going to mod one of these again unless it's for personal use.
    • G) Cold Steel Gladius Machete with Wire Wrap.  Mods: Bronze(ish) colored twisted wire wrap in one continuous piece added to handle (we twisted the wire wrap ourselves) for a better grip and aesthetics, black finish removed from blade (looks like brushed steel with dark gray lines), minor blade edge touch-up, minor mod to the standard Cold Steel soft sheath to make it ride higher on a belt mount.  This looks like a sword.
    • H) Cold Steel Gladius Machete with Waxed Hemp Wrap.  Mods: natural hemp wrap on each segment of the handle, hemp waxed with the same wax used on waxed canvas jackets and bags for durability, hemp detail added and epoxied in place for aesthetics, blade partially stripped from black finish to a dark gray brushed finish, minor blade edge touch-up.  Includes Cold Steel soft sheath.  This is an aesthetic and ergonomic upgrade over the standard CS Gladius machete.

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