Covert G10 Bookmark Blade

Perfect for Reading Thrillers (or Escaping from One)

Reading is fundamental, and everyone from 2nd graders to grandmas uses a bookmark.  Ours just has more bite.

Constructed of non-tactical semi-translucent jade G10 with a light gray nylon cord, the Covert G10 Bookmark has a smoothly scalloped edge down half of one side and a beveled corner.  Both "cutting" edges are sharpened, the rest is not (to allow for a good grip).

While G10 can be sharpened up to a point, its edge will never be razor sharp.  If you need to use it, the edge can be touched up easily on the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug, an emory board/nail file, a slab of cement, the edge of a car window or scrap of sandpaper.

Perfect for travel and no problem getting past metal detectors, but they (and any solid object) will appear on x-ray and body scanners.


Designed and Manufactured in USA at the CPG worQshop from USA-made G10

Brand and Country of Origin Markings:

  • Sterile - no brand markings
  • No additional markings or country of origin on product

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